We have added new Wool Kits


(Projects Half Completed)

Fourth Saturday of each month - 10:30 - 12:30

Mext meeting:  Sat. Feb. 24th

Does this describe you?   Have lots of projects half completed and boxed up in your sewing room?  Want some encouragement to get them completed?  This is the club for you.  It's simple.  Make a list of up to 12 unfinished projects, come to our meeting.  We will draw a number and the project that matches that number is the one you must complete before the next meeting.  At the next meeting, we will have show and tell.  You can brag about your project as you show it to everyone, or you can just hold it up and let everyone else brag on you.  Another number will be drawn, you complete it, and so - on.   We do not sew at these meetings.   They are for fun and socializing.  After our show and tell, we will play a game for fun and prizes.  We have had our first meeting, and it was a blast.  Not to late to join, just call us and register.   It is FREE!!!  Oh, I forgot to mention....if you don't get your project finished for the month, you get to pay $5. to the "Kitty" to be given as prizes at our December party. 




We have two clubs that meet once a month: 

First Tuesday evening of each month: 6pm to 8pm 

Second Friday, 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.


Free Club:  Gather to learn & share ideas

Linn is a part of both groups to help with problem solving; will share new items in the store such as new wool, tools, patterns, etc.  We will also have Show and Tell so everyone can share their finished projects. 


Punchneedle art is also a part of this club.  Whether you want to learn, or already have the skill as a hobby, it can happen here.

In the near future we plan to begin Wool Rug Hooking as a part of this group. 


If Wool is involved, this is a club for you.  Call us and put your name on our register.   



If you would like to join one of our clubs, please give us a call, or e-mail us and we will be glad to put your name on the membership list.